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A brand new social media app, that you will fall in love with.

With you very soon...

What is TSMA?

TSMA, short for The Social Media App, is a brand new social media app, which supports new creators just as much as professional and long-time creators, by giving a chance to create videos, without sponsors. Perfect for beginners, perfect for old-timers. But this is not all, from a wide range of features, this app also includes an Ad-Free usage. Who wants ads, when it can be ad free. 

(Soooo, the perfect app for the user and the creator😉)

What We Provide

(Basically An Amazing App)


Ad-Free App

Ad-Free app? yes, we can give you that, and we will. 


Lot's of possibilities for creators

Lot's of possibilities for professional creators, but not just for them.

Nothing Personal

No algorithms that track your usage data, or anything personal to you. Your life, your privacy.


You like it?

You do don't you?

We will be launching soon...

Hope to see you then. 

Online Magazine Office

We are working on it, for you.

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