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Pink Sugar


The future of social media apps.

When will this app launch?

In 6 months. The exact date will be published later this month.

How does this app work?

By a PAMAYW. I know, it seems weird, but it stands for Pay As Much As You Watch. It is basically a subscription based app, but you don't pay for a monthly subscription. You pay a tiny amount for the duration or the time you watch. 


We focus on you, and giving you the best possible experience.

How can I watch?

How can I upload videos?

Is it cheap?

First you open an account, then you load money (as much as you want). And as you watch, that tiny amount will be subtracted. And after a long time (and a lot), you will have to need to load more money. 

Definitely. You can learn the amounts from our "What about money?" page.

Assuming you have created one, you go to your own account, click on "Upload". Then let the viewers see you and learn about you. The rest will come. 

I want to be famous!

I want to have fun!

Great, you are at the right place.

I am a music artist. Why TSMA?

Because we give you the fanbase you want. And they want your music (also Ad-Free). By giving them your music, you can easily make a lot of money, and a lot. You connect easily with your fans, with new fans and make a lot of money. Just what you need and want. 

Great, you are also at the right place.

I am not an influencer. Can I become one?

Yes, yes, yes. This app is just perfect for you. It is created for everyone and anyone. Famous or not, you've got a huge career in front of you. You will get your chance. All you have to do is make quality content and give the fans what they want. You do that, you become who you want to be, just like that. 

We are already a big business. Why TSMA?

We are a small business. Can you help?

There is always place to get better. And for you, bigger. Grow with TSMA. 

Sure, why not? We would recommend advertising on TSMA. The best way to grow you business.

I am just bored.

How about TSMA?

I am already a famous person. Why TSMA?

You can connect with the fans you already have and open up to new fanbases. Beside all the new opportunities, you also have the opportunity to make more money, even without sponsors. With our special touch to the app, you can easily make way more money than you already do. Perfect for you, perfect for everyone. 

I am still a business idea. Can you help?

You have to start from somewhere. And you should go with it. You can always grow with TSMA. Just believe in yourself, and make it happen. We'll be here for you and your growth. 

Any more questions? We would be glad if you asked them in our Forum.

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