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Are you a creator, or do you want to be a creator?

Well then you need more information about what you are going to make. And you can men, a lot, and a lot, and a lot. A successful influencer could make around $200.000. A day. Easily. Why not you? If you make quality content, get peoples attention and help them have a good time on TSMA, you can make even more. So the amount is basic. A cent ($0.01) for every 5 minutes of which time from the users. 

Are you a user? 

Then you are just as important as the creator. Without you, there's nothing. That's you have to have fun. You have to have a good time. Without ads. So you're asking what's the cheap price. Every minute costs 1 cent ($0.01). So if you watch videos for an hour, that makes 60 cents ($0.60). Pretty cheap. If you spend your time on average, you pay around 9 dollars a month. (Almost nothing. For having a great time.)

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